Family (Domestic Relations)

Many people think ‘divorce’ when family law is mentioned, and with good reason. But, the area of family law is much broader than just divorce. Family law also includes issues that arise between two people that have a child without being married; and also includes parenting time; and even grandparents rights.

Family law matters are too important to entrust to just anybody. You need someone that isn’t afraid to take your case all the way to trial, if need be. You need someone who won’t lose sight of the goal.

Based on my experience in handling all types of family law matters, I will be able to evaluate your case and, together, formalize a game plan to get you what you need.

Swartz Law can handle many areas in Family Law, including, but not limited to:

1. Dissolution;
2. Divorce;
3. Legal Separation;
4. Paternity;
5. Parenting Time;
6. Custody | Residential Parent;
7. Child Support;
8. Grandparents’ rights.

Swartz Law can assist you with all your Family Law needs. Contact Swartz Law today to learn more.