When a loved one passes away, the last thing that may be on your mind is whether there was a will or not, and what needs to be done in order to pass that person’s assets according to his/her wishes.  However, there are many things that need to be done, and probate law is that special area of law that deals only with administering a person’s estate.

An experienced Attorney can pilot you through the probate process

The probate process can be an overwhelming task to the unprepared.  There are many forms and documents that must be filed, and many rules that must be followed, in order to properly handle an estate. An experienced attorney can give you the peace of mind that your loved one’s estate is being handled with care.

With over 14 years of experience, your probate matter will be handled with care and expertise at Swartz Law.  Swartz Law can assist you with navigating through the Probate process quickly and efficiently.  Contact Swartz Law today to learn more.