Real Estate

When you have problem involving real estate, it is rare that it is purely a real estate issue.  Most of the time, another area of law encroaches on the real estate issue, and in order to correct the issue, that other area of law must also be addressed.  For example, a foreclosure case would involve real estate law, but may also touch on contract law or even the Uniform Commercial Code.  Purchasing a home involves both real estate law and contract law.  Recognizing that another area of law could be involved could be just what can solve the problem.

Based on my experience in handling all types of cases involving real estate law, Swartz Law can handle any of the following:

  • foreclosure defense and/or workout solutions;
  • purchasing and selling agreements;
  • condo association disputes;
  • real estate litigation;
  • title examinations;
  • preparing deeds; affidavits of surviving spouse; affidavits for transfer upon death;
  • legal/property line disputes;
  • construction matters;
  • partition actions;
  • preparing lease agreements;
  • landlord/tenant issues;
  • curing title defects;

Swartz Law can assist you with all your real estate law needs.  Contact Swartz Law today to learn more.